Lucas Oil

"I saw a huge increase in revenue when we added custom socks to our store. Socks are now a fashion statement, so they appeal to almost everyone, both male and female."
- Rachel Witt, My Lucas Oil


Racer X

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"The Tonka socks were a great marketing tool that raised a lot of awareness about the Tonka brand."
- Geoff Dunivin, Tonka

Mint 400

"Cole was a pleasure to work with and a total professional. Especially for someone his age. The custom socks he made us for The Mint 400 were a huge hit!"
- Matt Martelli, Mint 400 CEO

Team Renezeder

"Xuxa Socks have helped Team Renezeder with branding and making my team feel like they are part of a big deal."
- Carl Renezeder, Professional Racer

Valley Center High School

"I have been coaching for over ten years and the sock fundraiser was the easiest and most successful fundraiser I have ever run."
- Coach Wes Jones, Valley Center High