300 Pairs

per pair

600 Pairs

per pair

1200+ Pairs

per pair
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Employment Opportunities

  • Work Remotely
  • Earn Competitive Income
  • Get Free Socks
  • Build a Network
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Custom Socks

We spent months creating the perfect sock. Here is our recipe:

  • Elastic Arch Band
  • Unique Fabric Blend
  • Toe Pockets
  • Custom Designs

For eight years, Xuxa Socks has been the #1 sock brand in the racing industry. Last year we delivered socks to more than 30,000 new people.

Three Generations of Founders

Cole Striler, President

Cole is a junior at University of California, Berkeley majoring in data science. Check out the link below to see his personal website.

Alex Striler

Alex is the former Director of Marketing & Sales for Team Lucas. He is the author of two books that have made a huge impact in the off-road community.

Raymond Striler

Ray is a retired Lt. Col from the US Army. He is an author, screenwriter, grandpa, and much more. Him and Cole play a lot of chess (Cole usually wins).